How to complain about housing - a landlord or a tenant




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Office of Regulatory Services - Fair Trading

Residential tenancies information


ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal

An independent body, which has exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine  all matters arising from private and public residential tenancy and occupancy agreements under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (the Act). More information and forms


Tenants Union ACT

For advice on your rights




Fair Trading

Tenants and home owners section


Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Can adjudicate most disputes relating to strata and community schemes, residential parks, retirement villages, community housing, and other residential tenancy agreements. Issues include rent arrears, repairs, bond claims, illegal use of rented homes.

Tenancy disputes


Tenants NSW

For advice about your rights




Consumer Affairs

Tenancy advice


Tenants Advice Service

For advice about your rights




Residential Tenancies Authority

Aims to solve a residential tenancy and rental bond dispute quickly and cheaply. Covers general tenancies and moveable dwelling tenancies. Also covers all those involved in the rental industry - real estate agents, property managers, property owners and tenants.

Disputes and dispute resolution


Tenants Queensland

For advice on your rights




Consumer and Business Services

Tenancies info on the CBS site



Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Housing disputes




Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Commerce

Renting a home


Tenancy WA

For advice about your rights




Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading

Renting in Tasmania


Tenants Union Tasmania

For advice on your rights




Consumer Affairs Victoria



Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

Residential Tenancies List at VCAT for hearings and determinations


Tenants Union of Victoria

For advice about your rights







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