How to complain about a travel agent




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Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA)


AFTA represents most travel agents in Australia. It has over 2,200 members (including about 1800 retail outlets and 400 industry organisations, hotels, wholesalers, tour operators).


AFTA members must abide by the AFTA Code of Conduct. This Code may help you frame your complaint.


AFTA puts out a proforma complaint handling policy and procedures brochure for its members. This brochure will help you understand the complaints processes travel agents are expected to follow.


AFTA has developed a new accreditation scheme called The AFTA Accreditation Scheme for agents and other travel intermediaries. This was developed as a part of the travel reforms and will help consumers identify travel businesses committed to certain professional standards.


The AFTA Code Compliance Monitoring Committee has the role of reviewing and determining complaints.


You can also contact your state or territory office of Consumer Affairs or Fair Trading or Consumer protection for advice on your options.





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